Contrary to many beliefs, lifts, mini lifts and platform lifts are among the safest means of transport. Nevertheless, in their daily lives people prefer to use staircases without considering the related risks, such as accidental falls or debilitating injuries.

These installations, both indoor and outdoor, for both private and public use, are generally designed with safety in mind, and are regulated by specific binding laws requiring the use of certified, compliant devices.

Our safety devices

Our solutions are equipped with a wide range of safety devices, including:
the emergency STOP button
the overload and belt loosening detector
the alarm signal and the emergency light
The electric lock control
The automatic emergency descent to the lowest floor in the event of a black-out, as well as the UPS ensuring that users do not remain stuck in the car.

Our platform lifts and mini lifts are equipped with proximity edges preventing crushing and with a wall preventing shearing on the front side.
The protective bar and the handles, including one affixed to one side of the shell, provide the user with greater comfort, stability and peace of mind. For even greater safety, the system can also be equipped with a telephone dialer/remote alert device connected to the fixed phone line, which is not subject to interference, unlike a mobile phone.
In order to guarantee safety not only during operation but also when the system is in use, we provide several solutions that fully or partially prevent people from accessing it, like the presence of a key ON/OFF selector at each floor and inside the car.
As to the speed of the devices, it should be noted that mini lifts have a speed of a 0.15 m/sec or less (above this threshold they are called lifts); in addition, they are operated by a control that must be kept “constantly pressed” throughout the ascent and descent. These two features provide both protection and safety.

Our recommendations

Like all pieces of machinery, even platform lifts and mini lifts require routine maintenance. Like for cars, it is a good idea to regularly plan an inspection by specialised technicians who will check for wear, verify the condition of the moving parts and replace any worn-out components. Furthermore, this procedure has the benefit of extending the useful life of these devices, ensuring that they keep working properly over time.

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