The installation of a standard-size lift generally requires the related construction works, such as for example the adaptation of the landing and a large pit to arrange the mechanical components of the lift.

While such an effort can be compensated by results in large buildings and public spaces, it can be too expensive and invasive in small blocks of flats and private homes.
Doing without a lift, especially in case of need, is in any case not a good idea. That’s why indoor and outdoor mini lifts and platform lifts can be the right solution to combine costs, comfort and safety.

Our platform lifts

Our platform lifts are designed to be laid on finished floors, without requiring any excavations or other building works. The total absence of masonry works (no pit) is one of the benefits of this kind of devices, as it eliminates any annoyance or inconvenience at your home.
We have designed an easy and quick assembly system: the machine unit and shell are already pre-assembled and the electrical system is already wired in advance, to minimise the installation and testing time. The average installation time is of about three days, though it can vary according to the type of product to be installed (for example, installing the Easyplat and Domostep platforms just takes 1 day).

Our mini lifts

If installing a lift in your house turns out to be difficult, the mini lifts can comfortably reach lofts, attics and intermediate floors without altering too much the layout of your house.
Installing DomoFlex indoor and DomoFlex outdoor is easy and quick: assembling and testing the system just takes 2-3 days, according to the number of stops. The maximum estimated installation time is 6/7 days.

Our recommendations

Each environment, whether indoor or outdoor, whether public or private, requires a custom solution: our consultants will be able to recommend the most suitable solution, to ensure that each project is tailor-made and highly customised.

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